cartoon brain lifting barbell

Students at Little Birch Elementary are working hard to meet personal, class, and schoolwide goals in i-Ready reading and math. Principal Wine spoke with all classes and sat down with each student in grades 2 through 5 to set personal goals. Students were challenged to follow the school’s mission “learning beyond expectations” by practicing math facts/skills and reading at home every night. Students track monthly progress using an “I Have a Positive Growth Mindset” card, while classes track progress on chart paper. Students in K-5 complete an i-Ready progress monitoring test each month. The student in each grade level who has the most growth is awarded a prize and certificate.

i-Ready Growth Winners for September include:

5th Grade – Adrina Pugh

4th Grade – Aiden Dorsey

3rd Grade – Kristopher Mace

2nd Grade – Averie Rose

1st Grade – Landin Rankin

Kindergarten – Maddox Martin

Congratulations to these students and all who demonstrated improvement. At the end of October, all students who demonstrate consistent growth will participate in an i-Ready progress celebration.